Old spice social media campaign case study

In february 2010, wieden+kennedy launched a new old spice advertising campaign, smell like a man, man find out more about this d&ad yellow pencil winning work here. What do effective integrated marketing campaigns have in common integrated marketing campaigns can be a tricky art to perfect we live in a multi-media world, which means that new media and old media sit alongside one another, sometimes competing, other times working collectively - in the case of. Project 1: case study cmst301 title page: old spice digital media campaign project 1: case study joseph do professor zornes cmst301 section 6981 university of maryland university college introduction: old spice is a brand that have been known to the public for a long time now.

Social media case study: klm royal dutch airlines 6 october 2011 george cathcart sector case studies, social media, the work of w+k on the old spice campaign. Old spice, old spice @replies, old spice social media, old spice social media strategy, old spice twitter campaign, old spice video replies, wieden + kennedy posted by: aden hepburn logging in. The old spice marketing team then took the campaign online, not just by posting the inherently sharable and viral ad to youtube, but by executing a genius social media strategy that personified the brand's social media channels to mirror the suaveness of the man your man could smell like for interacting with their social media audience they.

David presents a social media case study for the old spice guy marketing campaign, explaining how the brand executed the campaign and provides some metrics that measure its success. The campaign was developed by wieden+kennedy (you can see some smart behind-the-scenes footage here) and included tv, print advertising, digital advertising, social media marketing, and pop the tv advertising effort featured a series of seven spots throughout the nfl season. Author selected social media zones youtube playlist danone activia social media case study social media marketing case study: old spice social media campaign. Case study smell like a man for old spice by wieden + kennedy social media multicultural other ads from this campaign 4th and touchdown brand:. The roi of social media: 10 case studies it's worthwhile taking a look at one of the most famous and successful social media campaigns so far : old spice through their campaign, which.

Old spice case study the following case study for old spice was written by sarah rowe, a social media marketing student at ecu her references are listed at the end of the story. Old spice is no longer your grandfather's brand since entering the social media stage wearing only a towel on july 13th old spice' 180+ video campaign is destined to become 2010's social media case study. New old spice campaign premieres during 60th annual grammy awards with ridiculous parody of fine fragrance commercials today on old spice's social media.

A company culture lesson from old spice social media by heather whaling years from now, this week's old spice social media campaign will still be used as case study. 4 steps to integrate social media into your campaigns examples and case studies from starbucks, blendtec and old spice, plus an entire section on social media. For this reason, i have put together my top 5 social media campaigns if these 5 case studies aren't enough for you, susan hallam has also described a series of very practical b2b case studies. Case study: old spice brooke mcgregor n9432515 1 old spice's social media campaigns have been proven to be more successful than traditional media efforts.

  • Well here it is the old spice social campaign case study from wk to save the judges some time this year, i'd suggest sending the pencils, lions, grand pix' and the like straight to the wk head office in an overnight express bag, no need for a tracking code, everyone know's who those awards.
  • The minds behind the old spice guy campaign reveal their keys to marketing success marketing agency wieden & kennedy dreamt up one of the most memorable social media campaigns to-date: a two.

Their solution was the response campaign, in which the old spice guy would respond to questions submitted by fans through a variety of social media channels, including facebook and twitter, through a series of youtube videos. This week, old spice and ad agency wieden + kennedy took the campaign to an extraordinary next level the masterminds answered questions on twitter, facebook and other social media sites with. Providing an alternative way of viewing the roi of social media, this case study from cisco shows how social and successful social media campaigns from old spice.

old spice social media campaign case study The old spice campaign, a lesson in social media we've all seen the old spice commercial with the sweet talking spokesman, isaiah mustafa, who delivered the memorable line: the man your man could smell like.
Old spice social media campaign case study
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